Malek Rasamny & Matt Peterson

Spaces of Exception

‘we are, thank God, like the mountains,
never shook by the wind’

Spaces of Exception investigates and juxtaposes the struggles, communities, and spaces of the American Indian reservation and the Palestinian refugee camp. The film was shot from 2014 to 2017 in Arizona, New Mexico, New York, and South Dakota, as well as in Lebanon and the West Bank. Directed by Matt Peterson and Malek Rasamny, it is an attempt to understand the significance of the land—its memory and divisions—and the conditions for life, community, and sovereignty.

Malek Rasamny

Malek Rasamny is a documentary filmmaker, researcher and writer. His work has been featured in publications including The New Inquiry, Lundi Matin and Newlines Magazine. He is currently working on a doctoral research project at the École des hautes études en sciences sociales (EHESS) concerning the social phenomenon of reincarnation within the Druze community of Lebanon.

Malek Rasamny

Malek Rasamny is a filmmaker, writer and researcher. He is the co-founder of multimedia research project The Native and the Refugee and the co-editor of the book The Mohawk Warrior Society: A Handbook on Sovereignty and Survival. He is currently working on a doctoral research project on the social phenomenon of reincarnation amongst the Druze community of Lebanon at Paris Nanterre University.

Matt Peterson

Matt Peterson is an organizer at Woodbine, an experimental space in New York City. He previously directed the documentary feature Scenes from a Revolt Sustained (2015), and co-edited the books In the Name of the People (2018) and The Reservoir (2022).

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2018; 90 min, documentary, Arabic & English, partly subtitled in English

In the presence of Malek Rasamny