Guided Tours

This year we invite you to discover the exhibition in different ways.

Next to the regular guided tours and guided tours for families, we offer new experiences, such as a relaxing study break or slow down moments. During 'Blokske Om' we guide students preparing for their exams through the highlights of the exhibition and we end in STUKcafé - the first drink is on us! The 'slow down' moment is all about taking your time. We focus on a specific work in the exhibition and have a conversation about the viewing experience and the work.
Another novelty are the audio guides with audio description of the artworks, or you can book a guided tour with a Flemish sign language interpreter.

If you want to view the exhibition from an evolutionary biologist's perspective, prof. D'Hooge is your perfect guide. And Gerard Govers, vice rector of the Group Science and Technology, also takes you on an expert guided tour.

Here's an overview of all guided tours in English. Looking for the guided tours in Dutch? Look nu further.

IMPORTANT : your expo visit is included in the guided tour ticket. Once you've booked a ticket for a guided tour, you don't have to book a separate ticket for the expo visit.

Guided tours in English

Below, you can find the time slots for the guided tours in English.
Reservation is required via this link or the button below the calendar.

Friday 11/06 20:30
Saturday 12/06 20:30
Friday 18/06 20:30
Saturday 19/06 20:30
Friday 25/06 20:30
Saturday 26/06 20:30

Blokske om

Do you feel like taking a break from the books? Need some relaxation in between studying? How about an expo visit? During Blokske om, we keep it compact - after all, you're on a tight schedule: we select a handful of expo highlights and end the short tour with a drink in STUKcafe.

Wednesday 23/06 20:30

Slow down

Relax in the expo and start a conversation. This tour is all about focus, on one specific work in the expo. We take our time and start a conversation about our viewing experience and the themes tackled by the artist and their work. Slowing down is key.

The Slow Down guided tours are based on an idea of FoMu Antwerp.

Sunday 20/06 13:00

Expert guided tour Gerard Govers

Gerard Govers, vicerector Groep Wetenschap en Technologie, neemt je mee op een speciale rondleiding door de tentoonstelling Wired for Empathy. De rondleidingen vinden plaats op woensdag 23 juni (Nederlands) en donderdag 24 juni (Engels). Reserveren is verplicht via de button hieronder.

Gerard Govers, Vice Rector Science, Engineering & Technology, will take you on a guided tour through the exhibition Wired for Empathy. The tours take place on Wednesday 23 June (in Dutch) and Thursday 24 June (in English). They are free of charge, but reservation is required via the button below.

Wednesday 23/06 12:00
Thursday 24/06 12:00

Guided tours on request

We can organize custom guided tours as well for groups of friends, colleagues or family members. Please fill out the form below, or e-mail us at with your name, phone number, the number of participants and a couple of possible time slots. We will contact you as soon as possible.

Due to the COVID restrictions, the maximum capacity for custom guided tours is 10 people, except for existing bubbles of more people (such as school classes). Guided tours on request are more exclusive than ever, because they will take place outside the regular opening hours (daily from 9:00 to 13:00 and on Sunday, Monday and Tuesday also from 19:30 to 22:00).