Concert Artefact

Artefact Sound 2024 Opening party: Brorlab / Hieroglyphic Being (free)

From Brorlabs ultra-short electropunk bangers to the cosmic avant-house of Chicago legend Hieroglyphic Being: come dance at Artefact's free opening party!


22:00 doors
22:15 Brorlab
23:00 Hieroglyphic Being


Kara-Lis Coverdale & Leuvens Alumnikoor / Lukas De Clerck (20:00 - Soetezaal)


➤ Thursday 8.02 - 22:00
➤ STEK - Naamsestraat 96, Leuven
➤ Free
➤ Standing concert with open doors & bar.

• Brorlab

Brorlab are Sam, Raf and Casper, three friends who met in the exiting Antwerp garage punk scene in 2016. Their performances are ultrashort, powerful and heartwarming. Armed with voice, guitar, bass and a smartphone, they bring in-your-face gabberpunk bangers. In 2020, Brorlab released their first album on Dennis Tyfus’ label Ultra Eczema. A week later, the record was already completely sold out. Album number two, Workin' out in Heaven, was recently released on the London label La Vida Es Un Mus.

• Hieroglyphic Being

Jamal Moss aka Hieroglyphic Being is a DJ and producer from Chicago. He is also the founder of the label Mathematics records. Hieroglyphic Being grew up in the legendary house and EBM scene in Chicago in the late 1980s and early 1990s. At the same time, he draws much of his inspiration from jazz, noise and afrofuturism. For decades, Moss has tirelessly released record after record. His music is very physical with intense rhythms and spiritual dimensions. Inspired by Sun Ra, he himself uses descriptions like "rhythmic cubism" and "cosmic be-bop”. This living house legend will undoubtedly set our club STEK on fire.

Artefact Sound 2024 ‘At the still point of the turning world’
8.02 → 25.02
STUK - House for Dance, Image & Sound

  • Thu 8 Feb
  • 22:00 - 1:00




Free without reservation - first come, first served