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Het Audio Atelier

Artefact Sound : SAMENKLANK - een podcast over muziek en menselijkheid

On the occasion of Artefact Sound, Het Audio Atelier made a podcast in three episodes about music and humanness.

➤ Language : Dutch
➤ Podcast in three episodes: Episode 1 Resonantie (April) / Episode 2 Harmonie (april) / Episode 3 Empathie (mei)
➤ Credits: A podcast by Het Audio Atelier for STUK - Hosue for Dance, Image & Sound, on the occasion of Artefact Sound 2021. With the voices of: René Jacobs, Saartje De Muynck, Ben Van Cranenburgh, Pieter-Jan Maes, Rudi D’Hooge, Benjamin Abel Meirhaegh, Laurens Mariën, Myriam Van Imschoot & Jan d'Haene.

Het Audio Atelier are: Eva Moeraert, Sander Lambrecht and Maaike Verstraete.

Music is more than just beautiful. In music, we learn who we are and what we are capable of. And it's also a crucial ingredient for connection and mutual aligning. That's why we loudly sing You'll Never Walk Alone in a football stadium, why we feel connected to other fans of our favourite artist, and why an orchestra as a whole is much more than every individual musician.

Making or listening to music together gives us the feeling of coming home.

In this podcast in three parts, podcast maker Eva Moeraert looks for the link between music and humanity. Sander Lambrecht supported her with music and sound design. This podcast is made to listen with headphones.

  • Wed 9 Jun
  • 10:00 - 19:00