Concert Artefact

ARTEFACT OPENING 23 x Slagwerk — Klein / Crystallmess / ssaliva / Otis

ARTEFACT SOUND 2023 ‘The Ecstatic Being’
with Slagwerk

Artefact Sound opening night co-curated by Slagwerk, featuring radical British artist Klein, high energy rhythms by Parisian DJ Crystallmess and a new live show by ssaliva.


➤ Thursday 08.06 — 20:00
➤ STUK Soetezaal & STEK
➤ €16 / €12 (STUK card / KU Leuven Culture Card)
➤ STUKcafé & terrace bar open, no bar in STEK


20:00 Klein
STUK Soetezaal (closed doors, no drinks)

21:00 doors STEK

21:15 ssaliva
STEK (open doors, no bar, drinks from STUKcafé are allowed)

22:00 Crystallmess
STEK (open doors, no bar, drinks from STUKcafé are allowed)

00:00 Otis
STEK (open doors, no bar, drinks from STUKcafé are allowed)

01:00 end


If the cliché ‘cannot be pigeonholed’ applies to anyone, it is to London-based artist Klein. Her oeuvre sows confusion and wonder within both the contemporary classical music world and anyone into noise, R&B or hip-hop. Klein makes films, interweaves performance into her live shows, releases unannounced album after album via Bandcamp. Absurdity and irony are never far away. For her album Harmattan, as a one-woman orchestra, Klein recorded everything herself, from piano to saxophone to string instruments. And live? Literally, anything can happen.

(live, residency)

François Boulanger a.k.a. ssaliva is a composer and audiovisual artist from Liege. His ecstatic music excels in low fi drums, lush distorted textures and crystal clear jingles with an emotional, melancholic touch. 90s grunge, dreampop and computer music fuse into a timeless bittersweet cocktail :') Artefact Sound presents his new live show that he created during his residency in STUK.


Chrystelle Oyiri aka Crystallmess hails from the Parisian banlieus and is creating a furor as - hold on - DJ, producer, artist, curator, sound designer for Paco Rabanne and Nike among others, VICE journalist and resident at NTS radio. Her debut EP Mere Noises (2018) marked the breakthrough for Crystallmess. Since then, she has toured worldwide with energetic DJ sets in which she smoothly lumps together hardcore rap, footwork, afro-trance and Detroit techno. From Berghain to Centre Pompidou, from Dekmantel to art galleries: Crystallmess feels at home everywhere.


Otis is the founder and inspirer of Slagwerk, the Brussels-based label that supports artists from the experimental electronic music since 2017. Besides releases from ssaliva and Dida, among others, Slagwerk also organised hybrid nights with such luminaries as James Ferraro, Amnesia Scanner or Lee Gamble. Slagwerk stands for a radical fusion of nightlife and experiment, of dancing and listening. As DJ, Otis has played already in clubs and festivals as Dour Festival, Trauma Bar and Garage North. His sets are heterogeneous, unpredictable and throw together trivial, poppy and edgy elements.

ARTEFACT SOUND 2023 ‘The Ecstatic Being’

08.06 → 25.06
STUK - House for Dance, Image & Sound

After 1,5 years of renovations, STUK reopens its doors with Artefact festival. In addition to the Artefact expo The Ecstatic Being, Artefact Sound offers once again a stage to innovative musicians and sound artists. Inspired by the theme of ecstasy, this edition focuses on escapism, rituals and repetition in music.


Combine this concert with the exhibition Artefact 2023 + Listen to the Artefact podcast Ziel by Audiomakerij Selkie

  • Thu 8 Jun
  • 20:00 - 1:00


STUK Soetezaal + STEK



€16 (standard)
€12 (reduction)