Concert Artefact

ARTEFACT 23 for free! | STUKcafé concert: Reymour

ARTEFACT SOUND 2023 ‘The Ecstatic Being’

Swiss duo presents a charming mix of chanson and 80s synthpop


➤ Thursday 22.06 - 22:15
➤ STUKcafé
➤ Free, but limited capacity. First come, first served!
➤ To be combined with ARTEFACT SOUND 23 | Ensemble Nist-Nah / Vincent Moon & Mohammad Reza Mortazavi

Swiss duo Reymour left the Swiss Alps for the cosmopolitan Brussels. Their debut album Leviosa was released on the Amsterdam label Knekelhuis and offers a charming mix of French chanson, 80s synth pop and cute minimal wave. Grainy vintage beats, childishly naïve melodies and playful vocals on doubt, sexual orientation and melancholia: Reymour creates the perfect late night vibe in STUKcafé.

  • Thu 22 Jun
  • 22:15 - 23:00