Sound art Artefact

#AF19 Artefact Audiostories by STUK & Het nieuwstedelijk

An afternoon of collective listening to audio theater, radio and sound art.

STUK and Het Nieuwstedelijk join forces for a Sunday afternoon of listening, focusing on audio, radio and sound art and how those disciplines interact and enhance each other. Media artist Stefaan Quix and eight percussionists (the 'quixtet') bring a minimalist story of the origin of (musical) communication. The audience, seated in the middle, surrounded by the musicians, is treated to a spatial play of rhythm, harmony and voice. Siona Houthuys (SCHIK collective) and Berten Vanderbruggen dive into the no man's land between theatre and audio art with No Coincidence, No Story, a performance about coincidence that received Het nieuwstedelijk's 2017 wildcard. Rudy Trouvé and Gunter Nagels take you on a parlando-journey along the beat poets and deserted highways. Musarc, the most adventurous choir in the UK, performs a new creation by Greta Eacott on STUK's inner courtyard, and the Belgian premiere of Lin Chiwei's Tape Music, where a meter-long score is passed rhythmically on along the choir members. Finally, the Klankverbond Audio Award honours a meritorious person from the audio world.

  • Sun 3 Mar
  • 13:00 - 18:00


STUK Labozaal + Soetezaal + STUKcafé


At the door
€14 standard
€10 STUK card / culture card


€12 standard
€8 STUK card / culture card

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Het Quixtet & ChampdAction - The Well Tempered Circle
Siona Houthuys & Berten Vanderbruggen - No Coincidence, no Story
Musarc performs Tape Music by Lin Chiwei + new commissioned work by Greta Eacott - BE-première
Rudy Trouvé & Gunter Nagels
Klankverbond Audio Award