Theatre of the Tender

Daria Martin

The film Theatre of the Tender implicitly and explicitly asks questions around the meaning of created images, shared languages, and communities. From a theatre workshop based on Augusto Boal’s ‘Theatre of the Oppressed’ techniques, we depart to watch two individuals navigating solitude, one in the mountains and the other in the city’s underground.

Theatre of the Tender is the third installment in a trilogy of films. As with Sensorium Tests and At the Threshold, Theatre of the Tender is inspired by a form of heightened physical sensitivity called mirror-touch synaesthesia. People with this neurological condition feel a palpable sensation of touch on their own bodies when they see another person, or even an object, being touched. While synaesthesia has inspired artists, composers and writers for centuries, mirror-touch is a recent discovery that offers new perspectives on the relationship between the social and the visual.

Courtesy the artist and Maureen Paley
2016 - 16mm film - 9’30”
Image credit: Daria Martin. Theatre of the Tender, 2016. 16mm film. 9.5 minutes© Daria Martin, courtesy Maureen Paley, London

Daria Martin
°1973, San Francisco, USA

Daria Martin is an artist and filmmaker whose practice touches upon subjects such as dreams, feminism, sensation, mythology, and mirror-touch synesthesia. Her films are created organically, often taking on a collaborative process between the selected actors, choreographers and musicians she chooses to work with. Her work has been exhibited world-wide in solo exhibitions including the Barbican Centre, London, Contemporary Jewish Museum, San Francisco, Hammer Museum, Los Angeles, New Museum of Contemporary Art, New York, Museum of Contemporary Art, Chicago, and Australian Centre for Contemporary Art, Melbourne. She has received multiple awards, including the Jarman Award (2018) and Welcome Trust Arts Award (2016, 2010, 2008). Daria Martin lives and works in London since 2002. She is represented by Maureen Paley.