Anagram.The Collider. © Nichon Glerum. Courtesy the artist

“Anagram’s new project is one big mindfuck of
vulnerability, dancing lines and chocolate bars.”-

Enter The Collider.
An intimate immersive experience exploring power, dependency and the space between people. The experience tells the story of a fictional machine - built to decode the mysteries of human relationships. It operates like the Large Hadron Collider at CERN - except, instead of atoms, it hurls people against each other. This machine is on a mission to identify and understand the invisible material that passes between us. The corrosive, delightful, and mysterious matter that keeps us together and pulls us apart.

To participate in the experience, you must pass through the heart of the machine. Created for two people at time, each person is guided along a playful journey through a built set that incorporates VR and other props.

WInner of Best Immersive Artwork at Sandbox Immersive in China (2019), part of Venice Film Festival “Best of” VR for 2019 and selected for the Digital Dozen breakthroughs in digital storytelling by Columbia University.

Courtesy of the artist


Anagram are a multi-award-winning female-led creative studio specialising in interactive storytelling and immersive experience design. Their work typically combines expertly crafted experiential narratives, rigorous research, and an ingenious approach to using new technologies. The unique element at the heart of every Anagram project is a deep and playful approach to participatory storytelling - they create worlds where what you do is the heart of the experience.

Winners of the 2015 Tribeca Film Festival Storyscapes Award, the 2019 Sandbox Immersive Art Award, part of the Best VR in 2019 at the Venice International Film Festival, Anagram were named in the Createch 100 ones to watch for 2020 by the Creative Industries Council and have been selected twice for Columbia University’s Digital Dozen Breakthroughs in Digital Storytelling (in 2015 and 2019). Anagram was founded by former documentary filmmakers Amy Rose and May Abdalla. They live and work between Bristol and London, UK.


Producer / director / writer team: Amy Rose, May Abdalla / Developers: Clarice Hilton, Mike Golembewski / Set design: Synnove Fredericks / Animation: Barry Gene Murphy / Interactive set detail: Pete Bennett / Sound and music: Aaron Cupples, Brigitte Hart

National Film Board of Canada Interactive, the Digital Catapult Creative XR Fund / Arts Council England / National Theatre Immersive Storytelling Studio.