Francesca Grilli

Francesca Grilli. Glare. Installation view Courtesy the artist

RAYS is a single channel video in which we follow a group of children, roaming through a deserted school and theatre building. As they follow their course throughout the building, one by one, they discover a cap which seems strangely familiar to them. When they put it on, the children reveal themselves as newly trained clairvoyants, each engaging in a palm reading session with an adult. The hats, as a series of sculptures, complement the installation presentation of RAYS.

In Wired for Empathy, Francesca Grilli presents this video installation for the first time together with the performance SPARKS 2021 on the afternoons of Saturday June 26th and Sunday June 27th. Together, they form the project GLARE.

Courtesy of the artist and Umberto di Marino, Naples
2021 mono channel HD video - 14:00
2021 - 13 resin cap sculptures, different sizes

Francesca Grilli
°1978, Bologna, Italy

Francesca Grilli utilises a multidisciplinary language focussing on performance and installation practices. Recurring in her practice are concepts of the resistant body and the act of disappearance. Grilli has participated in numerous performance art festivals and exhibited solo and collective in international museums and institutions including: Baltic Circle, Helsinki (2020); Mladi Levi Festival, Lubiana (2020); Kaunas Biennal, Kaunas (2019); Saal Biennal, Tallin (2019); Santarcangelo Festival, Santarcangelo - Rimini (2019-2017); Palais De Tokyo, Parigi (2017); Serralves Foundation, Porto (2017); Netwerk, Aalst (2017); Van Abbemuseum, Eindhoven (2017-2015); Kunsthalle Osnabrueck, Osnabrueck (2017); Centrale Fies, Fies - Trento (2017 - 2006); MAXXI, Roma (2016); Padiglione Italia, 55. Biennale Arte di Venezia (2013); MADRE, Napoli (2011); MACRO, Roma (2012); Serpentine Gallery, London. (2009); MAMBO, Bologna (2010), Manifesta7, Bolzano (2008). She lives and works in Bologna and Bruxelles.

Luca Mattei / Co-direction and editing; Luca Casavola / DOP; Donia Massoud / script supervisor ; Azzurra D'Agostino / video script; Benno Steinegger / children training; Lucia Palladino / children training; Giuseppe Ielasi / Sound design; Paola Villani / Resin sculptures realization; Roberto Atzori /assistant set design, Achiel Van Den Abbeele / Sound technician; Jorn Plucieniczak / Video production; Irena Radmanovich / Styling; Oscar Briou / Translation; Beit Asbl / Translation; Giulia Traversi - corpoceleste / Diffusion and communication; Chiara Fava - corpoceleste / logistic and organization; Dorothee Dassy - workspacebrussels / Production and administration; Karolien Chromiak / Set photos / Children: Agata Luce Andreotta Grilli, Adam Azhari, Sarah Berwouts, Kamiel Fayet Santana, Niel Gaasbeek, Adam Smilansky, Léo Vandenplas We are glad to thank you the parents of the children for their participation in Rays. Special thanks to Meryem Lakhouite, Elena Sarno, Ofer Smilansky.