Horror Vacui


“De belangrijkste reden voor mij is misschien wel gewoon dat zo’n werken een aangenaam gevoel creëren in de stad. Een levendige plek met publieke canvassen, in plaats van een grijs labyrint met lege muren.”
- Bisser

In the context of Artefact and in response to the theme of solitude and togetherness, Bisser created a new mural for the building on Maria Theresiastraat 125, 3000 Leuven. The work is part of the series Horror Vacui, based on drawings from his sketchbook. The eclectic collection of characters is the largest work in the series and is destined to be a prominent landmark in Leuven.

Courtesy the artist
2020 - mural
Artefact commission

°1990, Leuven, Belgium

Bisser is a muralist who lives and works in Leuven. His detailed 3D drawings of humanoid figures and animals can be found worldwide in a.o. New York, Ibiza and Valencia, and in different cities and locations in Belgium. Inevitably site-specific, his works often play with the structural elements of the walls and/or important themes related to the site.