Composition for Flora, Objects and Bodies

Chloé Op de Beeck

“It is as if everything she does is filled with attention. She doesn’t take anything for granted in daily life. Her observations can work in a relativizing or uplifting way and create a renewed way of looking.”
- Femmy Otten over Chloé Op de Beeck, 2018

For her Artefact commission Composition for Flora, Objects and Bodies Chloé observed and filmed extensively in the Meise botanic garden. Botanic gardens and parks are for Op de Beeck places where people go to enjoy their time together. Yet, at the same time, these are also places where it is easy to be alone together; places where a fundamental solitude is bearable.
Compositions for Flora, Objects and Bodies is an installation to wander around in. The film sequences show people admiring, pointing and commenting on the plants while they stroll through the garden. But if you watch patiently and carefully - much like Op de Beeck has done herself - the relationship seems to be turning around: as if the plants are observing the visitors, putting on their own show - alone together.

Courtesy the artist
2020 - Mixed media installation
Artefact commission
Image credit: Chloé Op de Beeck - Composition for flora, objects and bodies © Chloé Op de Beeck

Chloé Op de Beeck
°1986, Duffel, Belgium

Chloé Op de Beeck likes to avoid the centre. Instead, her focus is set on what is called – in cinematographic terms – the ‘background’ or ‘extras’ to evade or even paralyse narrativity. Her isolated images and recordings of repetitive movements hint towards potential stories, yet they never come to a culmination. Slowly, the viewer is immersed in her way of seeing, arriving in a state of extreme sensitivity. Her work in photography, video and objects reflect a deep affection and curiosity for the world. Chloé Op de Beeck studied photography at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Ghent and Film Studies at the University of Antwerp. In 2017 & 2018 she was a resident at the HISK in Ghent. Her work was shown in recent exhibitions in SMAK, Ghent; Shuttle 19, Paris; Cabane B, Bern; Annie Gentils Gallery, Antwerp (with Herman Van Ingelgem); IKOB, Eupen and De Garage, Mechelen. Op de Beeck lives and works in Antwerp.