Charline Tyberghein

Charline Tyberghein. A Finer Route To Oblivion (detail)


‘Charline Tyberghein’s paintings are neither abstract nor
figurative. Their (...) candid style [is] appealing to the eye, yet
they hide a multitude of possible stories and associations. The
works are characterized by a compellingly poetical visual
language and a moving simplicity, leaving enough mystery for
the viewer’s imagination to toy with.’ –
Tamara Beheydt in
Modesty First, a talk with Charline Tyberghein

A finer route to oblivion is a two-sided, free hanging, painting by Belgian artist Charline Tyberghein. Her visual universe is populated by recurring pictograms, symbols that generate different meanings based on their combination, much like a personal alphabet. In a sense, each painting can be understood as a self-portrait. However, the universal meaning of the pictograms leaves room for the viewer’s own reading. In this way, each image is as much Tyberghein's, as it is the viewer's. Tyberghein’s combination of her visual poetry, humor and tenderness in combination with the trompe l’oeil technique creating depth in the two-sided free hanging painting results in a compelling tableau that draws you in, triggering your emotional imagination.
A finer route to oblivion can be understood to speak of balances in empathic relationships; how far do you go with someone's 'highs and lows'? And is empathy always sincere?

2021 – airbrush and acrylic on wood, 185x150 cm
Commissioned by STUK, House for Dance, Image & Sound in the context of Wired for Empathy (2021)
Courtesy the artist

Charline Tyberghein
°1993, Antwerpen, België

The paintings of Belgian visual artist Charline Tyberghein can best be understood as visual poems. Symbols and pictograms make up her personal alphabet, out of which, through new combinations, her visual language is formed.

Recent solo exhibitions took place at Keteleer Gallery, London, Sofie Van de Velde Gallery, Antwerp, Beursschouwburg, Brussels and Castor Gallery, London. Her work has also been included in various group exhibitions at M HKA, PLUS-ONE Gallery & Gallery Sofie Van de Velde, The Hole New York, Martin van Zomeren, and Showhouse JayJay, among others.

Charline Tyberghein graduated from the Royal Academy of Fine Arts Antwerp in 2018. In October 2018, she was named best graduating student of 14 European art academies by the jury of the European Masters Salon Painting. Tyberghein lives and works in Antwerp and is represented by Gallery Sofie Van de Velde, Antwerp.