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Luc Goossens & Marlies Maes

Alone Together: Over eenzaamheid en alleen zijn (Lessen voor de XXIste eeuw)

Lecture in Dutch

Despite being ever more connected in our digital world, many of us feel lonely. This raises questions: is loneliness an individual or a social problem? How does loneliness relate to solitude? And what is the link between loneliness and the search for connection with others through modern communication technologies and social media?

Luc Goossens (1957) is professor in Developmental Psychology at the KU Leuven. He investigates loneliness and solitude, especially with younger people. Marlies Maes (1988) is post-doctoral researcher at the KU Leuven (FWO). Her research focuses on loneliness in youths.

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On Thursday February 20, at 12:00 and 18:00, Luc Goossens will give a special guided tour (in Dutch) through the expo Artefact: Alone Together. The guided tour is free, but the capacity is limited. To make a reservation, mail us at rondleiding@stuk.be with ‘Rondleiding Luc Goossens - 20 februari, 12:00 (of 18:00) - STUK’ in the subject, and also send your name, phone number and the number of participants. We will confirm your reservation as soon as possible.

  • Mon 17 Feb
  • 19:30 - 21:30


Aula Pieter de Somer
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  • Leuven


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