#AF19: Ellen Arkbro + Ratkje & Barruk + Gamelan Voices

Three musical performances put a 17th century church organ, Indonesian gamelan and Nordic joik-singing in a new context.

Musicians like being inspired by far travels, regional musical traditions or local instruments, and then placing those in new contexts. Swedish composer Ellen Arkbro improvises with historic organs all over the world, investigating the unique sonority of old tunings. Exclusively for Artefact, she will perform a new composition for the unique 17th century mid-tone organ of the Beguinage Church. Avant-Joik is a collaboration of Norvegian composer and vocalist Maja Ratkje, one of Europe’s most respected avant-garde musicians, and Swedish joik singer Katarina Barruk. Joik is considered one of the oldest existing vocal styles in Europe. To conclude the night, Gamelan Voices (the new project of Nid & Sancy) takes you on an exhilarating trip between Indonesian gamelan sounds and electronic soundscapes.

“By repurposing its artifacts for originally unintended purposes, Arkbro succeeds in creating magnetizing, thought-provoking work by turning the Western history of sound into a kind of raw material.”

Tiny Mix Tapes about Ellen Arkbro
  • Fri 1 Mar
  • 20:00 - 23:00


Begijnhofkerk (Sint-Jan-de-Doperkerk) Leuven


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Extra info

20:15 Ellen Arkbro - solo organ (Begijnhofkerk)
21:00 Ratkje & Barruk present Avant Joik (Labozaal)
22:00 Gamelan Voices (Labozaal)