WWWater (live) - Oaktree (DJ) - Klåps b2b Bjeor

WWWater - wwwater // Live @ Radio 1 Sessies 2016

WWWater (live) - Oaktree (DJ) - Klåps b2b Bjeor

Artefact clubnight


21:00Bjeor & Klåps
22:45oaktree (dj)
1:00Bjeor & Klåps

“Humbling power, sacred shower” is the mantra of WWWater, the project of Charlotte Adigéry who made her debut as Charlotte on Soulwax’ soundtrack of the movie Belgica - she became the revelation of the entire soundtrack. Inspired by nature she cooks a delightful meal of beats and loops, r&b with a punk attitude - or the other way around. Follow the flow and the rhythm of the music - WWWater is a cure for the soul and the legs.


Adriaan de Roover (oaktree), a young musician from Antwerp, makes stylish and magical electronics that balance between dancefloor music and listening sessions. His productions  result in striking melodies, atmospheric soundscapes to field recordings converted into minimalistic beats. At STUKcafé he will makes us dance.


Some say there is he has some direct line with tap water from the Spree river in his basement, others say he is the unofficial son of Norma Jean Bell and Marcel Dettmann. Whatever it might be, Klåps is a former resident of Silenced, Kraeken and Village Of Sounds. These days he’s a pillar at STUK and a resident of clubSTUK. Klåps plays at the Artefact Clubnight for the second year in a row and on brings along Bjeor for this special occasion for a long back to back dj-set. Bjeor is also pretty famous in Leuven and beyond. Last year he played a STUK Draait Door and we still haven’t forgotten that edition.


Thu 2 Mar 201721:00

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