Rogue Waves, 2015

© Femke Herregraven, Rogue Waves, 2015, detail, Infosphere / ZKM (DE)

Rogue Waves, 2015

Femke Herregraven

Financial markets and more specifically the practice of high frequency trading are the subject of the works Femke Herregraven presents in the context of Artefact. In her work, she gives these ultrafast financial transactions of computational trading a material form and physical presence.
Rogue Waves, a beautiful sculptural piece, consists of a series of engraved metal sticks. They remind us of tally sticks, ancient objects used to record value and transactions. Herregraven’ sculptures carry the cut-out of a trading pattern connected to a specific event in which algorithms illegally manipulated financial markets through quote stuffing, spoofing gold prices and stock manipulation.

Femke Herregraven (NL)
°1982, Nijmegen

The multimedia practice of Femke Herregraven is based on the friction between the material and the digital. As an artist, she is interested in power structures and the relations between financial markets, international law, geopolitical structures and climate change. She explores the geopolitical infrastructures and power relations. Herregraven confronts the viewer with controversial political and economical narratives. Through games, videos, prints, drawings, installations and sculptures she addresses thematics like international tax evasion in a playful and airy way. Femke Herregraven lives and works in Amsterdam. She is represented by Future Gallery, and is currently preparing a solo exhibition at Future Gallery in Berlin. 


21 FEB - 9 MAR 2017


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