© Courtesy: Marie Kølbæk Iversen and Henningsen Gallery


Marie Kølbæk Iversen (DK)

RETROACTION is a video installation about chaos, technology and the ever-changing present. In this new work Iversen applies closed circuit video technology to explore concepts and processes of mediation and mediumship, perception and representation. Emphasizing the presence of technology and the concreteness of the feedback loop, her installations challenge preconceptions of representational media by reducing them to those material properties in which they are in excess of themselves: patterns, waves, vibrations.

In the work of Marie Kølbæk Iversen it becomes clear that even if the input is ‘nothing’, the process of mediation fills the void with ‘something’. Connected through an analogue feedback loop, the cameras and projectors used to make her RETROACTIONs are aimed towards the same wall. The difference between the point of recording and the point of projection cre- ates a psychedelic pattern of interference lines that responds to the exhibition space and the visitors. It is a chaotic structure where the initial randomness of the set-up, through repetition and the continuous re-recording of the projection surface, generates a processual visual pattern that lives and fades. 

RETROACTION X, 2014, feedback video-installation. 2 projectors, 1 camera. Dimensions variable | Courtesy: Marie Kølbæk Iversen and Henningsen Gallery | Coproduced by STUK Kunstencentrum

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