Oathbreaker + Orphan Swords

Oathbreaker "10:56" / "Second Son of R." Official Video

Oathbreaker + Orphan Swords


20:15Orphan Swords


Oathbreaker the West-Flemish post-metal band of four Church of Ra adepts, is doing great. This year they released their breakthrough album Rheia, recorded in San Francisco  - the recording process was the subject of a thrilling and spheric documentary by Red Bull Music. Rheia is pitch black metal with moments of misleading calmth. The listener is dragged along in an hypnotising tornado and will all of a sudden fall in love with the screaming siren that is singer Caro Tanghe. If you blended Noir Intense 70% and Noir Brut 86% from Côte d’Or, you’d get Oathbreaker…


Brussels-based duo Orphan Swords (Pierre Demûelenaere en Yannick Franck) makes brutal, intriguing electronics situated between dark techno, industrial and noise. 


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