Nieuw Werk (2014)

© J.Feringa

Nieuw Werk (2014)

Jelle Feringa (NL)

Jelle Feringa’s current research is focused on the development of original robotic fabrication processes for architecture, considering materialization as an inherent aspect of architectural design. Feringa is interested in the generative, alchemical aspects of evolutionary computing. This interest resulted in a number of projects including Analemma, a sculpture that defies the earth’s 29.783 km/sec velocity by casting a perfectly circular shadow on the ground, regardless of the time of the day, the day in the year, the latitude. The project has been presented at Transnatural festival (2010) ‘The state of Autonomy’, Amsterdam and the CTM festival (2011), “Alles, was Sie über Chemie wissen müssen”, Berlin. For Artefact Festival 2014, The work will take its inspiration from the idea of a cave and will be presented at the STUK courtyard. 

STUK Binnenplein
13 - 23 february


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