Magic Show: Trylologi

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Magic Show: Trylologi

David Tholander & Frederikke Larcheveaut Tholander

A magician never reveals his secrets. A psychologist reveals the secrets of the human brain.
Trylologi [Magicology] is a hybrid of magic and psychology, where psychologist Frederikke Tholander and magician David Tholander uses magic to illustrate how human perception and cognition work, and how this affects human behavior. It is a talk based on scientific research, optical illusions and live magic performance pieces. The magician’s secrets are not revealed, but together we explore which of the brain’s hidden assistants and trapdoors, the magician uses to astonish, surprise and entertain.
This creates the frame for a talk for people, who are normally irritated when experiencing the inscrutability of magic and conjuring, as well as those who enjoy immersing themselves into the illusion.


Frederikke Larcheveaut Tholander
Frederikke holds a M.Sc. in psychology from Aarhus University. Frederikke works as a senior user experience designer at DesignIt in Aarhus, DK, where she creates inspiring and user-friendly experiences by using her knowledge about human cognition, perception, behavior and emotion, and by involving users through research and co-creation.

David Tholander (DK)

1986, Aalborg

David Tholander is a physical theatre graduate from l’École Internationale du Théâtre Jacques Lecoq, Paris, and member of French based theatre company The Krumple. During his 20 years as a magician, David has explored prestidigitation and magic from a variety of perspectives – in practice, theory and expression. He explores how magic relates to other genres and areas outside itself, and investigates the alternating forms in which magic can be executed and the feeling of magic can be experienced.



Sat 25 Feb 201720:00


No reservation, but limited seating capacity.
Come early!

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