Linking & Unlinking, 2009

Linking & Unlinking (a.k.a. - Know Your Rights)

Linking & Unlinking, 2009

Center for Tactical Magic

What’s interesting about magic in all forms is that there is a sense of defying norms and creating exceptions through hidden knowledge and power. Like art, the worst kinds of magic fall flat on their promises and end up feeling delusional or boring. But, like art, the best kinds of magic can shift reality for the practitioner AND the community for which they are performing.
- Aaron Gach in See to Believe: The Center for Tactical Magic’s Sleight of Hand, Gretchen Coombs

The Center for Tactical Magic ‘s film Linking & Unlinking visually relates magical escape tricks to real-life situations of contraption. It wasinitially designed as a single-channel video for a NYC billboard. The work combines three different source materials: found footage demonstrating how to pick a pair of handcuffs; found footage of professional and amateur magicians performing the classic magic trick, "the linking rings" (a.k.a. "ninja rings"); and, a rolling text of "Know Your Rights" information from the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU). Combining practical know-how, legal guidance, and a magical performance, Linking & Unlinking simultaneously - and somewhat paradoxically - serves as a public service announcement, a DIY course in self-liberation, and a fascination with the competing illusions of liberty and law.

Center for Tactical Magic (USA)
°2000, San Francisco

The Center for Tactical Magic is founded in 2000 by Aaron Gach. This collective is known for their performances, installations and exhibitions that explore social, political and historical issues. Society and its problems are being approached from a ‘magical’ perspective. Humor, surprises, disguises and other ideas from tactical magic offer a new alternative view on reality.


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