IsLANds#1 (2014)

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IsLANds#1 (2014)

Salva Sanchis (CAT) & Pablo Castilla

Islands consists of a video projection shown permanently in the exhibition, and a series of very short dance performances (four to twelve minutes). Salva Sanchis uses the short duration of the performances as a compositional frame in which there is maximum focus on the details of the dance and which at the same time enables the series to present a wide array of themes. Islands is a continuation of the core of Sanchis’ oeuvre: the use of improvisation within strict compositional frames. On the one hand there is the search of freedom within a structure and on the other hand there is the creation of compositions that are solid but can always change as they are performed. For Artefact, Sanchis created the first performance of the Islands series.

Salva Sanchis has produced over 20 choreographic works, including collaborations with Marc Vanrunxt and Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker. Sanchis’ work has evolved from a theatre-influenced style towards an explicitly formal approach to dance. He has worked for Rosas. After the creation of the pivotal work Objects in mirror are closer than they appear (2008), Sanchis joined the dance company Kunst/Werk, of which he is now the artistic director together with Marc Vanrunxt. 

cHOREOGRApHY SALVA SANCHIS | VIdEO PABLO CASTILLA | pROducTION KUNST/WERK | cOpROducTION STUK | with the support of the Flemish Community

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