First there were machines (2013)

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First there were machines (2013)

Leïla Arenou (FR) & Naïmé Perrette (FR)

First there were machines is a collection of glass objects that refer to industrial tools. The objects are made by blowing glass into a cast. The results look as if artifacts of a mechanical society have been fossilized. Although we do not directly know what we are looking at, the results are actually the inverse of crafting tools, marking the space between the tools and human beings.

Leïla Arenou is an interdisciplinary designer whose work revolves around the notions of technique related to belief and objects mixed with absurd reasoning. Naïmé Perrette is a filmmaker. Through various media such as light animation, experimental film, documentary and installation, her productions explore how man deals with the power of its natural and artificial surroundings. 


STUK Studio
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