mo 17 feb 14 . 22u30

Nostalgia de la Luz is a documentary about the continuing impact of Pinochet’s dicta

tue 18 feb 14 . 17u00

Cave of Forgotten Dreams (2010) is a documentary about the Chauvet Cave, a cavern in Southern France where the oldest human paleolithic paintings were discovered. Herzog is one of the lucky few who gained access to the cave, along with archeologists and researchers.

tue 18 feb 14 . 20u00

The inspiration behind the project begins with the painter Brion Gysin's (1916-1986) prototype Dream Machine created in the early 60s upon his return from Morocco.

Wed 21, Thu 22 & Thu 22 Feb 18 . 22:30

In parallel with the installation in the exhibition This Rare Earth - Stories from Below, the documentary THE CONGO TRIBUNAL will be screened two times in Ci

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