Collections Préhistoriques (2014)

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Collections Préhistoriques (2014)

Camille Henrot (FR)

Collections Préhistoriques is a book that combines erotic pictures with images related to prehistory and objects collected on eBay. The book aims to show that forms shaped by man are inspired by bodily forms. The French artist Camille Henrot worked much like a hunter-gatherer, intuitively assembling the different fragments, objects and photographs with a desire to make connections, thereby forcing a tension between finding meaning and creating confusion. Henrot used images related to prehistory and compares her process with the way contemporary man romanticizes about a time of guilt-free pleasure.

Best-known for her videos and animated films combining drawn art, music and occasionally scratched or reworked cinematic images, Camille Henrot’s work blurs the traditionally hierarchical categories of art history. 


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