Alessandro Cortini, Wouter Dewit & many more

Perdonare (from AVANTI)

Alessandro Cortini, Wouter Dewit & many more

Final day of Artefact music festival 2018 with Alessandro Cortini, Wouter Dewit, Hantrax, Handless DJ, Stijn Demeulenaere and Yannick Franck.


15:15-16:00Yannick Franck ----------
16:20-17:00Stijn Demeulenaere----------
18:30-20:30----------Handless DJ
20:45-21:45----------Wouter Dewit
22:00-23:00Alessandro Cortini----------

Alessandro Cortini

Alessandro Cortini (Nine Inch Nails) takes analogue synths as a starting point for his intriguing, nostalgic soundscapes. His sixth solo album, Avanti, was released in October 2017.


Wouter Dewit

Wouter Dewit, pianist in Illuminine, brings atmospheric piano pieces in the style of Nils Frahm, Jan Swerts and Grouper.



Solo project of the Antwerp-based Han Swolfs, whose past as a jazz pianist still lingers within his heavy electronica, and is shown in all its splendour on his recent album Gazebo Compositions, a collection of work for solo piano.


Yannick Franck

Yannick Franck is a Belgian sound artist who has been exploring trance-inducing soundscaping since 2005. His solo and collaborative projects are are promoted through the platform ⊹ nsnwrdsnsgls ⊹ (read noise and words and sigils).

Stijn Demeulenaere

Stijn Demeulenaere is a Belgian sound-artist, radio maker and 'searching musician'.  He is currently working around the themes of the ruin of listening and the personal experiences of sound.


Handless DJ

Handless Dj doesn't like musical boundaries; he spins self-described 'weirdo tracks' from techno to house, electro to italo, Chicago to Detroit.


  • Wouter Dewit - La durée. (Live at Brussels-South Railway Station)
  • Hantrax  'Supply & Demand' - 2nd video from Ticker Tape Parade
STUK Labozaal
Sun 25 Feb 201815:00
standardSTUK card
evening sale€ 20€ 18
presale€ 18€ 16

Saturday 12:00-14:00
tickets 10 euro


15:00 doors
15:15 Yannick Franck
16:20 Stijn Demeulenaere
17:30 Hantrax
18:30 Handless DJ
20:45 Wouter Dewit
22:00 Alessandro Cortini

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