Aïsha Devi (live A/V show) + Sky H1

Aïsha Devi  "Mazdâ" -  Official Music Video

Aïsha Devi (live A/V show) + Sky H1


21:15SKY H1
22:15Aïsha Devi

Swiss-Nepalese musical prodigy and activist Aïsha Devi has put her alias Kate Wax (Border Community) at rest and started her own little label Danse Noire. On her latest album Of Matter and Spirit she combines transcendental vocals with boisterous r&b, trance and techno. The album is built upon on the idea that dance music can provoke a spiritual experience by the ritualistic tendency. The album became also a very personal manifesto where she compares contemporary advertising slogans with mantras.


Last year Belgian producer Sky H1 released her EP Motion on Berlin label PAN, causing a lot of attention from international press and tastemakers. Motion is a sublime patchwork of Brussels’ vibrant electronic music scene that blends techno, ambient and r&b and is full of melancholy. Very addictive!


STUK Labozaal
Tue 21 Feb 201721:00

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