6 - 13 november 09
26-28 okt 12

TRANSIT 2012 and World Music Days  This year TRANSIT, along with the Interna-tional Society of Contemporary Music, Flemish Section (ISCM-Flanders) and virtually all of our Belgian new-music colleagues, are organizing the World Music Days.

Thu 8 - Sun 11 Nov 12

From November 8 to 11, STUK and Museum M host the sixth edition of Playground, a festival where performing arts and visual arts meet.

13 - 24 februari 13

GROEP T is de structurele partner van STUK Mediakunst

21 tot 26 oktober 2013

During the first of four Move Me weeks, STUK offers a wide variety of inspiring dance performances that focus on The suspension of disbelief. Every performance approaches the relation between dance and fiction in a special, willful way.

mo 17 feb 14 . 22u30

Nostalgia de la Luz is a documentary about the continuing impact of Pinochet’s dicta

tue 18 feb 14 . 17u00

Cave of Forgotten Dreams (2010) is a documentary about the Chauvet Cave, a cavern in Southern France where the oldest human paleolithic paintings were discovered. Herzog is one of the lucky few who gained access to the cave, along with archeologists and researchers.

tue 18 feb 14 . 20u00

The inspiration behind the project begins with the painter Brion Gysin's (1916-1986) prototype Dream Machine created in the early 60s upon his return from Morocco.

Tue 13 Feb 18 . 21:00

Free opening concert of Artefact 2018. 

21:00 doors
21:15 Golin
22:15 Visionist


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14 - 16 February

This workshop will be given entirely in Dutch

14 - 25 February

The exhibition includes a lot of works that are also fascinating for kids. A guide takes you and your children on a playful tour with informative stories and witty anecdotes.

Thu 15 & Fri 16 Feb 18 . 20:30

On the 5th of November 2015, a dam containing toxic mining waste collapsed in the mountains of the Brazilian mining region Minas Gerais. A devastating flood of mud destroyed several villages before flowing into the four hundred miles long river Rio Doce.

Fri 16 Feb 18 . 20:00

Dutch pianist Joep Beving made his Belgian debut last year at 30CC's Stille Nacht with Jan Swerts. The enchanting pieces for piano from the album Solipsism were greatly appreciated by the public.

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17 & 18 Februari

Visual and sound artist Inge van den Kroonenberg and a group of kids aged 8 to 12 go on a two-day trip through STUK and Leuven.

Mon 19 Feb 18 . 19:30 - 21:30

In the context of Artefact 2018: This Rare Earth - Stories from Below Prof. dr.

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Mon 19 Feb 18 . 19:00

In This Rare Earth - Stories from Below, Justin Bennett presents Vilgiskoddeoayvinyarvi: Wolf Lake on the Mountains, a multimedia installation about the world’s deepest man-made hole on earth; the more than 12km deep Kola Super-Deep

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Wed 21 Feb 18 . 9:30 - 18:00

Cleantech solutions are becoming more and more important in the transition towards a low-carbon economy. In this, the extraction and recycling of critical metals is essential. But what with the image of the material industry?

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Wed 21, Thu 22 & Thu 22 Feb 18 . 22:30

In parallel with the installation in the exhibition This Rare Earth - Stories from Below, the documentary THE CONGO TRIBUNAL will be screened two times in Ci

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Thu 22 Feb 18 . 20:00

Loney Dear

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Fri 23 Feb 18 . 21:00

More than five years ago, Kong & Gratts started ensemble, then a series of club nights in the Belgian capital. Since then, it's evolved into a podcast series and vinyl label (distributed by Amsterdam mainstay Rush Hour).

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Sun 25 Feb 18 . 15:00

Final day of Artefact music festival 2018 with Alessandro Cortini, Wouter Dewit, Hantrax, Handless DJ, Stijn Demeulenaere and Yannick Franck.


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