Artefact expo : This Rare Earth – Stories from Below

Artefact expo : This Rare Earth – Stories from Below

13 Feb  
opening expo 19:30 - 23:00

14 Feb - 1 Mar 
opening hours expo 
We - Sa 
14:00 - 22:00
Su - Tu 
14:00 - 19:00

Taste of a Stone, 2016

Otobong Nkanga
13 February - 1 March

Breath in, breath out, breath in / hold it there / hold it
/ Your skin is so soft but your heart is / as hard as rock.

13 February - 1 March

Geologic Intimacy comprises a series of five woodblock prints that explore the artist’s long-standing fascination with geological phenomena through a combination of graphic text and visuals. One of the prints, for example, is titled We Form Geology. This...

13 February - 1 March

This series of prints was made by Ilana Halperin in collaboration with curator Naoko Mabon, as part of a geothermal project between Scotland and the Japanese island of Kyushu. The prints are developed employing experimental processes and field work in combination with traditional...

13 February - 1 March

I trained as a stone carver, but I had gone from an interest in carving to an interest in the processes that made stone.

And I know, we are humans, we are bones and muscle and brains and blood, but...

Future Fossil Spaces, 2014

Julian Charrière
13 February - 1 March

Future Fossil Spacesis part of a global reflection of Julian Charrière on the digital era, a world of increasing dematerialization that nevertheless is grounded in the material elements of the earth. The work consists of stacks of salt bricks from the Salar de...

13 February - 1 March

The audiovisual installation Vilgiskoddeoayvinyarvi tells the story of the Kola Super-Deep Borehole, the deepest man-made hole on earth - more than 12 km deep. It started as a Soviet research project during the Cold War. In addition to gathering data about...

13 February - 1 March

Prospecting: A Geological Survey of Greysis an interdisciplinary art project that explores the shades of grey of 2.5-billion-year-old primary rock. From a 170 metres deep exploration drilling hole at Prestefjellet, just outside Kirkenes in northern Norway,...

Tug of War, 2018

Prabhakar Pachpute and Rupali Patil
13 February - 1 March

The churning of the Ocean of Milk was an elaborate process. The Devas took help of the Asuras despite them being nemeses signifies the importance of free-interaction and coordination in Economics. This view, finds great resonance in today’s global economy...

Copper Country, 2016

Maarten Vanden Eynde
13 February - 1 March

Copper is the first metal that was melted from its ore and the first metal to be cast into a shape using a mould. The majority of mined and recycled copper is currently used in electronic devices because of its conductivity. It is the most present metal in telephones and...

The Power of None, 2018

Maarten Vanden Eynde (in collaboration with Julien Griffit)
13 February - 1 March

For Artefact 2018 Maarten Vanden Eynde created the new work The Power of None, a multifaceted installation that deals with the different agencies of silicon, tracing its past, present and future potential.

Trinity Test, 2016 - 2017

Maarten Vanden Eynde
13 February - 1 March

The first atomic bomb was detonated on a site called Trinity, near Alamagordo, New Mexico (US) on July 16th, 1945 as part of the Manhattan project to develop a new weapon with unprecedented power. Trinity Test is an aerial view of the site after the...

13 February - 1 March

The work Manhattan Project is a model of several failed and successful tests to recreate the perfect dome that occurs after 0.025 seconds when detonating an atomic bomb. For the miniature explosions antique Uranium glass, also known as Vaseline glass, was...

Rare Earthenware, 2014

Unknown Fields
13 February - 1 March

Rare Earth metals are the fundamental materials that enable the ‘featherweight’, ‘slim’ and ‘seamless’ aesthetics of our contemporary technologies. As our personal electronics tend towards the invisible, they conjure in their shadows an undeniably visible grey mountain, a 1km...

Alchemic Desire, 2018

Füsun Türetken
13 February - 1 March

Alchemic Desire is a film installation exploring the parallels between the practice of trading metals - in particular in the London Metal Exchange (LME) - and the practice of alchemy.

Kuannersuit; Kvanefjeld, 2016

Lise Autogena and Joshua Portway
13 February - 1 March

Lise Autogena and Joshua Portway’s film Kuannersuit; Kvanefjeld is a work in-progress, forming the first part of the artists’ long-term investigation into the conflicts facing the small, mostly indigenous, community of Narsaq in southern Greenland. Narsaq is...

RAY, 2013-14

Susanne Kriemann
13 February - 1 March

No brightness enters from above, that in the open flits through even the deepest midnight; no moonlight can break through the cloud, no tomorrow can darkly announce its approach: All light is artificial light, although occasionally glistening, as for...

Mineral Rights, 2015

Lara Almarcegui
13 February - 1 March

Mineral Rights consists of the long procedure of acquiring the rights on iron ore deposits underground in order to prevent them from being extracted. In 2015 Lara Almarcegui procured the mineral rights of an iron deposit in Tveitvangen, not far from Oslo and later she...

13 February - 1 March

What each generation contributes to the next is an education of attention.
James Gibson in The Ecological Approach to Visual Perception

13 February - 1 March

And with all the horrors shown in the film, it is important to me not to lose sight of hope. If the ‘Congo Tribunal’ has proved one thing, it is that the truth can be found, no matter how complicated the connections are. And justice is possible,...

Twenty-One Percent, 2016

Ursula Biemann and Mo Diener
13 February - 1 March

The 17 min. film Twenty-One Percent starts with a small formation history of atmospheric chemistry. When the sun was darker and the air was warmer, carbon dioxide was abundant in the atmosphere. Plants appeared, turning carbon into oxygen; and...

As Above, So Below, 2017

Kirstie van Noort & Xandra van der Eijk
13 February - 1 March

As Above, So Below is a design project and material research into crowdmining stardust as a new source for rare earth metals from space.

Haem, 2016

Cecilia Jonsson
13 February - 1 March

For everything you have missed, you have gained something else;
and for everything you gain, you lose something else.

Ralph W. Emerson


The work Haem from artist Cecilia Jonsson presents a custom-made iron...

13 February - 21 February

In his work Egill Sæbjörnsson takes a very different view on this lifeless mass of rocks. He enables it to lead a life of its own, thereby enabling us to become observers of their peculiar little world. In The Egg or the Hen, Us or Them, the...